Medical suppies

You can report any emergency in the US at 911. Whether you need an ambulance, fire department or police, calling 911 will send you the required assistance.

What to do if something happens?

In the USA, the medical care, as well as in Austria, is very good. There are no contracts between the Austrian insurance carriers and the USA, the required medical services have to be paid on the spot, which can be returned to Austria with your own health insurance for reimbursement. Due the fact that the medical services in the US are more expensive than in Austria, not all the costs incurred will be refunded. Therefore, I can recommend two ways for you to experience no "nasty" surprise in this case. Firstly, most credit cards (American Express, Visa, Master Card, etc.) cover health insurance, salvage costs, etc. However, please inquire beforehand in what amount or whether the entire family also has insurance coverage. Secondly the conclusion of a foreign health insurance, which would take over the costs, if necessary.

Not only with the US, also with many other holiday destinations, there is no insurance agreement, where in case of need, when using medical services, they are primarily self-pay. Therefore, it is always advisable to make inquiries before commencing the journey, whether insurance coverage by the statutory health insurance, which you can find in e.g. Austria, during a stay abroad is given, and any costs incurred by these are also taken over.

In Florida, there are, comparable to Austria, general practitioners (GPs), which are referred to as General Practitioner or Family Practitioner. Again, the fee note is payable locally (as if you visit a medical specialist in Austria), and then, as described above, after your return to Austria or Europe, your health insurance carrier. If a cover is provided by a credit card company or a foreign health insurance, usually the entire amount will be refunded. In the link below, you will find Family Practitioners, who are within 15 miles of Villa Blue Pearl.

Below you also have a list of hospitals (including the distance to Villa Blue Pearl), which you can visit, if necessary. As you can also see, the density of hospitals is very high, which ensures excellent medical care as usual in Austria.

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