Climate & Location

Climate in Florida

Florida has a subtropical climate with 330 days of sunshine a year, where especially in the summer months from June to September thunderstorms and short-term, heavy rain showers can occur, whereby the temperature hardly changes. A hurricane may also be built during this period, but Rotonda West is located in a very protected area and only feels the spurs of tropical storms. The "coldest" month in Florida is January, with an average daily temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. At night, temperatures can drop to 18 degrees Celsius. In the summer months the maximum temperatures during the day are around 32 degrees Celsius and at night around 25 degrees Celsius. Since Florida has a great deal of rivers, lakes and of course almost all around the sea, especially in the summer months, the humidity in the interior of the country (for example Orlando) rises very high. Close to the sea, the high humidity is not perceived as a result of the sea breeze. October to mid-May are considered to be the driest months, with an average of 2-4 rainy days a month.

Geographic location of the house in Florida

The Blue Pearl Villa is located on the Cape Haze Peninsula on the west coast of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico in the middle of a quiet community in which 5 golf courses with 99 holes are embedded. In the Rotonda Community Park, our tenants can use two hardcourt tennis courts free of charge in addition to a children's playground.  The sandy beach of the Manasota Keys is more than 40 kilometers long and about 15 kilometers away. The beaches of Bocca Grande can be reached after about 20 kilometers. The distance to Tampa is about 140 kilometers and to Fort Myers about 107 kilometers. Miami is about 330 kilometers away, whereby you should allow for a travel time of three and a half hours.

The address of the house is: 740 Boundary Blvd. 33947 Rotonda West Florida. In the coordinate system, you will find the house at Latitude 26.906575, longitude -82.253016 or 26°54'23.7 "N 82°15'10.9 "W

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